Monday, May 16, 2016

On to Sherman, TX!

Monday morning, May 9, 2016, we got up, dressed, and went to the Renaissance Club (concierge lounge) for a great complimentary breakfast--scrambled eggs, grated cheddar cheese, picante sauce, sausage, bacon, fruit, COFFEE, among other things. Of course, they also had lots of high carb foods full of wheat/grains and sugar. But, we did not have a problem finding lots that we could eat that was low carb and wheat/grain/sugar free!! We stayed and talked for a long time with the two ladies who work the "breakfast shift" there. They were so nice, and when they found out that we sing, they asked for a song! So, we sang for them, and got a great ovation from the other guests that were eating breakfast, too. As many of you know, the three of us are so withdrawn and shy---NOT!

We went back to our room, got everything packed up, called downstairs for someone (What do you call them nowadays? It used to be bellboy, but I don't think that's right anymore!!!) to come up and get our luggage and other bags. I went to the parking garage and got our van and brought it around to the front of the hotel. When it was loaded, we started off on our next adventure which was a trip to Sherman and a visit with our cousin, Ann Davis Atherton. Many of you know or know about Mickey Davis Landrum, Ann's sister who lives in Orange, CA. Sherman is about 65 miles north of Dallas, and thank God, the highway construction that has plagued that trip in the past is all finished now! It was smooth sailing up Hwy. 75! 

We had reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in Sherman, so we arrived there, checked in, and rested for a little while. (There is not a Marriott Hotel property in Sherman, but I am also a Holiday Inn Priority Club Member for occasions like this!) It was a very nice hotel and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with Ann and her husband, Olan. She prepared a wonderfully delicious dinner for us--roast beef, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes and gravy (Dorothy's favorite!), and a great salad. Because of everyone's likes and dislikes, she made it a "build your own" salad!! Dorothy likes tomatoes only (no lettuce for her--she says she's not a rabbit!!), Esther can't eat cucumbers, and we can't eat raw onions, so that worked out great! Esther and I had a small serving of the potatoes (just like Mama used to make) but not the gravy! 

We watched the weather alerts on t.v. and on my iPhone, keeping an eye on the radar. The area was under storm watches. We get kind of nervous when they warn of hail and tornadoes, but that is commonplace up there. We prayed a lot, which I know they do, too. We watched a small storm cell that was southwest of Sherman go up into Oklahoma where it grew and spawned three deadly tornadoes that night. A larger storm went below Sherman, but didn't do any damage. We were so grateful that everything missed Sherman, but felt so sorry for the people in Oklahoma who lost loved ones and property! The property can be replaced, but the lives are gone forever! It was rather scary being that close to those storms. We always just hear about them and see them as something that happens far away from where we live! 

We spent the evening visiting and enjoying some music. Ann plays the piano, and of course, she wanted to hear the songs we had been doing for the Christmas House tours. We finally returned to the Holiday Inn Express and went to bed, but it was a lot later than we are used to!! 

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