Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Beautiful Day with Ann & Elayne

After a night of sweating out the weather, Tuesday, May 10, dawned bright and beautiful! We picked up Ann and her neighbor, Elayne Lemmons, at 10:00 a.m. They had decided that it would be fun to drive to Bonham to visit the Sam Rayburn House Museum.

Click here for link to the home's website.

Photography inside the house was not allowed, but if you go to the website above, there are some photographs there. We had to wear shoe covers while in the house, because all of the rugs on the floor are original ones. Even the tour guide is not allowed to touch anything in the house except the bannister on the stairway which is how you get to the upstairs rooms!  Everything in the house is original and belonged to the Rayburn family. Most old houses were not kept in this perfect condition. Many times furnishings are "like" the ones the family had; but not here!

Back: Elayne Lemmons and Janie Minten
Front: Esther Minten, Ann Atherton, Dorothy Minten

Sam Rayburn Home 

After our most interesting visit in this old, historic home, we drove back to Sherman and then a couple of miles north to Denison, TX. Ann has a wonderful tradition--she takes all of her visitors to Huck's to eat. This was our fourth time to eat there, and the catfish was as good as always!

No, I did not eat all of this. I had some of it for breakfast the next morning! And yes, I did eat the fish breaded in cornmeal!! Steamed catfish just did not sound appetizing, and they don't serve it grilled! While I felt a little guilty eating this, it was REALLY GOOD--in fact, better than just good! It was beyond delicious!  This restaurant is highly recommended! Thank you, Ann, for always taking us for this culinary treat!

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