Wednesday, November 18, 2015

After the end of our 2014 Christmas season (last Saturday in September, 2014 through the end of May, 2015), we, (Esther, Dorothy, and Janie Minten) presented Martha Avery, Vice-President for Development at Driscoll Children's Hospital with a total of $12,000.00.

Through the years that we have been raising money to benefit pediatric cardiology, we have been able to contribute a total of $308,860.

The money raised comes from several sources. First of all, we charge $8.00 per person to tour The Christmas House, and $1.00 of that admission fee is donated to Driscoll Children's Hospital for cardiology.

We do not charge our family and friends to tour The Christmas House, and paying guests can return as often as they wish during the same season. They only have to pay the first time. When they sign the guest book on a subsequent visit, Dorothy puts NP (non-paying) by their names. At the end of the season, she multiplies the total number of NP guests times $2.00 and then divides by three. Each of us adds that amount to our own personal donations which also go in with the total amount raised for the season.

The third way we raise money is the "ORGAN FUND." Our tour guests are given the opportunity to leave a donation on the antique pump organ in the family room. This is the one on which Dorothy plays Silent Night to accompany the entire group as Esther and Janie lead them in singing this favorite old Christmas carol. Since a woman jokingly left a nickel to "tip" Dorothy for playing the organ in 1993, our tour guests, carrying on that tradition, have left a grand total of $74,108.61. Needless to say, people leave a lot more than a nickel on the organ!

Finally, if we have a party or an open house to which we invite family and friends, we put a basket near the guest book. Family members and friends are able to put a donation in that basket if they wish to do so.

Thank you to all who come for tours of The Christmas House and enable us to give the $1.00 and $2.00 donations. Thanks also go to all those who make additional donations on the organ and by the guest book. Without you, it couldn't be done.

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