Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Christmas Season is Getting Started

It's July 1, 2012, and we're getting ready for Christmas.  The 2011 displays are coming down with the help of our friends, Kay and Peggy Zimmer, of Kingsville.  For the past five or six years, they have helped us undecorate The Christmas House.  While it used to take the three of us days and days to totally undo twelve themes, it only takes two and a half days with their help.  We have taken down 100s of decorations and put them in boxes.  The biggest job has been repacking the village buildings and their accessories (all the little people, vehicles, etc.,  that make a village look life-like).

On July 21st, we will start redecorating with all new themes and decorations.  All the decorating is done by us with no outside help, and we don't divulge the themes to anyone! We like for it to be a surprise.

Kay and Peggy have also been helping us check in the new merchandise that has started arriving for the 2012 Christmas season.  You can't believe how wonderful it all is.  Just looking gives you all kinds of ideas! 

We will open on September 29, and will be open for tours until March 31, 2013.  We do 11 tours a week, Saturdays through Thursdays (we're closed on Fridays).  All the pertinent information is on the right hand side of this blog.

Santa's Texas Workshop, the Christmas store, will be open on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 30th, from 1:30 to 6:00 for shopping.  No appointment is necessary for that special day-our Grand Opening of the 2012 Christmas season.  Come see what's new and get a head start on your Christmas shopping!  

The store is open for shopping after each tour. If you're not part of a tour, you may plan a shopping trip, but please call first for an appointment. We welcome shoppers at any time of the year!

Call for tour reservations and shopping appointments:  361-325-2068 or 1-800-276-4339