Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Charity of Choice and The Nickel on the Organ

We benefit Driscoll Children's Hospital which is located in Corpus Christi, TX.  They serve children throughout South Texas and have clinics in the Rio Grande Valley.  The money we raise through our Christmas House benefits the cardiology department.

We charge an $8.00 admission fee to tour The Christmas House and we give $1.00 out of each person's fee to DCH.   In addition to that, we donate $2.00 for every non-paying guest who comes to any event held at our home during our season.  That includes family, close friends, and any paying guest who returns during the same season for subsequent tours.  And, our family and friends often give donations to DCH when they attend open houses or parties held in our home during the Christmas season which is mid-September through March 31.  Then we have one additional way of raising funds for DCH, but it was not our idea and we have never started it. 

In January of 1993, a group from McAllen, TX was touring our Christmas House.  A lady saw the antique pump organ in our family room and asked Dorothy "Which one of you plays the organ?" 

Dorothy:  "I do." 

The lady:  "Oh, will you please play it for us?" 

Dorothy:  "Sure---for a nickel!"

The woman was surprised with this answer, but Dorothy immediately said to her, "I'm just joking.  I play that organ for every tour when we all sing 'Silent Night' together."

No more was said for the rest of the tour, but as the group was leaving when it was over, the woman had her hand in her pocket.  When she got to the door where Dorothy was standing, she pulled a nickel out.  "Dorothy, here's the nickel.  Thanks for playing the organ.  You did a good job."

Dorothy didn't want to take the nickel, but the lady insisted that she put it on the organ she had played. (We have two antique pump organs!)  Dorothy finally agreed, telling her that the nickel would stay on the organ until the end of the season, which would be two and a half months later at the end of March.  She also told her she would make sure that the nickel would be added to the donations to help South Texas children who have heart problems.

By the end of the season, more people had added to the donations on the organ.  That "organ fund" tradition has been carried on by our first group ever since. 

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