Sunday, April 3, 2011

2010 Christmas Season Ends

Today is April 3, 2011 (a little after midnight), and we completed our 2010 Christmas season yesterday.  Our Christmas seasons are from mid-September to the end of March, but we extended this season by two days.  We plan, Lord willing, to open for the 2011 Christmas  Season on September 24th.

We ended the season with two groups today--one at 9:00 a.m. and the last one at 1:30 p.m.  As is traditional, the same group that starts each season in September is always our last group.  They toured The Christmas House, shopped in Santa's Texas Workshop, and then we all went out to dinner in Falfurrias.   Dinner is part of the tradition!  Twenty-five years ago in 1986, these folks were strangers to us, but as they continued coming every year to visit The Christmas House, they have become very good friends.

God has blessed us with 25 fantastic Christmas seasons since we first opened our home, The Christmas House, to the public for tours in 1986.  We thank Him and praise His Name for all He has done for us.

We thank all of you who came to visit us this past season, and hope that you will come again.  For all of you who have never visited the Christmas House or shopped in Santa's Texas Workshop, we hope that you will make plans to do so during the next Christmas season--September 24 through the end of March!

We were closed for a few days this past month so we could attend market in Dallas.  We ordered merchandise and Christmas House decorations for the coming 2011 Christmas season.  All I'll say is that the creators of Christmas decorations outdid themselves this year.  People ask us what the latest trends are for Christmas, and the answer has to be GLITTER!  Everything sparkles and is so festive!  The glitter that is used on today's decorations is so beautiful and comes in every color imaginable.

Color trends are still lime green, gold, and silver with lots of traditional red.  There are some others, but I might be giving away some plans we have for the themes in The Christmas House this coming season!  We hope that you will be planning a trip to see us.  Thanks to the people who have already called to make reservations for their families and/or groups.  Yes, you can make reservations months in advance.

We do not plan to raise the price of the tour, so it will still be $8.00 per person.  Something needs to stay the same in this world of ours!!