Sunday, September 12, 2010

Admission Fees Stay the Same

  The admission fee for tours of the Christmas House have been $8.00 per person (ages 5 to adult) and $6.00 (ages 2 to 4) for many years.  We have had a lot of our visitors tell us we should be charging $10.00 per person for a tour that offers so much entertainment and enjoyment.  That may be true, but we made a decision not to increase the fee and have not changed our minds.  So, you can still find something in this world of rising prices that remains at an affordable cost. 

  We look forward to seeing you at Santa's Texas Workshop and The Christmas House.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twenty-fifth Opening Day just 15 Days Away!

It is hard to believe that we are getting ready to have our 25th opening day of Christmas House tours.  Time flies, especially when you're having a good time!  It has been a lot of hard work, but worth every bit of it.  We are looking forward to this new season and hope that you will be joining us for a tour sometime between September 18, 2010 and March 31, 2011.

We had the nicest e-mail from a couple who were Winter Texans in the Rio Grande Valley for many years.  They had a standing reservation to bring a group of their friends to tour the Christmas House every January.  For several reasons, they decided in 2008, to spend their winters in Florida where they have children and grandchildren.  However, they have kept in contact with us, and after we sent out our last e-mail newsletter, we had a reply from them.  I just have to share one thing that he said, because it is comments like this one that keep us going.  "I certainly hope that you all have a wonderful season at the Christmas House. I know your love for your work transcends anything we can imagine. You provide such a great chance for folks to see what a Christian attitude can really promote."  Comments like this make it all worth while, because above all else--the decorations, the glitter, the fantasy--we want people to leave our home with the true meaning of Christmas in their hearts and minds--a message of hope, peace, and salvation through the One whose birth we celebrate.  It is not really about our love for our work, but rather our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He gives us the love for the work that we do.

And speaking of work, we open in 15 days, so I'd better get back to work.

Remember:  the store, Santa's Texas Workshop, will be open for shopping on Sunday afternoon, September 19, 2010, from 1:30 to 6:00 p.m.  No appointments needed like other times during the year, just come, bring some friends, and SHOP!