Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy and Blessed Easter

My, how time is flying. It's already April 9th, and the Christmas season here at The Christmas House is drawing to a close at the end of this month. There is still time to book a tour so you can see this season's decorations.

After we close, what we've done this season will never be seen again, because we undecorate totally and start all over with new themes and decorations later in the summer.

Our cousin, Mickey, was here for five days, and we packed about ten days worth of activities into half that amount of time. We really had lots of fun and spent time talking about what we want to do the next time she comes to see us.

We pray that you will have a wonderful Easter with your families and friends. Keep in mind that Easter, like Christmas, is all about Jesus. Praise God that He loves each of us so much that He was willing to give His only begotten Son so that we could have eternal life with Him in Heaven. Of course, we must have a personal relationship with Jesus, believing in Him and trusting Him as our Savior, in order to qualify for that eternal reward. That is God's desire for each of us.

Happy and blessed Easter to each of you who read this.