The Minten Sisters

The Minten Sisters
Dorothy, Janie, and Esther visiting with Santa at his house (Santa Claus House) in North Pole, Alaska on July 15, 2017

Friday, December 25, 2009

Keep the Spirit of Christmas Alive in Your Hearts

Christmas Day is almost over! However, it is just the day that is over, not the true spirit of the day and the season. I am reminded of the words Charles Dickens had Scrooge say when the great redemptive change came over him--"I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year." 

We should all try to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts and lives the other 364 days of the year also. That should not be hard if we have the true spirit of Christmas dwelling within us, and that is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He came, and we celebrate His birth one day out of the year. However, He came to bring us joy and abundant life, and He didn't offer that to us for just one day, but for all eternity.

Merry CHRISTmas all year long!

Friday, September 25, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas (in September, that is!)

I have "cleaned up" the blog, deleting lots of old entries that are no longer relevant. However, I left this one that includes our cousin Mickey Landrum's message to us on the night before we opened in 2009. She understands us so well and certainly appreciates the work we have done all of these years.
What she wrote then still rings true today as we are preparing for our 2017 Christmas season.

I wanted to write about our opening of the 2009 Christmas season tomorrow, and just when I was trying to think of what to say, we received this e-mail message from our wonderful first cousin, Mickey, who lives in California. What she says just about sums it up. Yes, we have worked very hard for the past eight weeks preparing the Christmas House for this new season, and yes, as we go to bed tonight, we have a very satisfied feeling that, even at our ages, we have done it again for the 24th year. Our first tour is at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, and I have to admit that we have a few small details and some housecleaning to finish up. But, when 1:00 gets here, we will be all smiles as we greet our guests. Maybe they won't be able to tell how late we stayed up! 

Here is Mickey's message: My Dearest Cousins, Well, you are now at the 11th hour of your preparations for your 2009 Christmas Season and you have been on my mind all week. I know this will be a wonderful Christmas season for all who attend and for each of you. Oh, I can't wait to see what you've come up with this year. Please take time to rest when you can. I'm sure that as you place your heads on your pillows tonight you will be exhausted, but have a feeling of wonder as it has all come together once again. And I'm sure that those planning to take the first tour of 2009 tomorrow are as excited as every little kid is on Christmas morning. My love and thoughts are with you all -- you and your guests tomorrow. Have a wonderful 2009 Christmas Season and may God bless you as you share your love for Him with all who tour the Christmas House. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight and always. Our love, Mickey and family